Lighthouse Schools Partnership Launches

Welcome to the Lighthouse Schools Partnership.  Our conversion as a Multi-Academy Trust went through on schedule on 1st September.  It has been a huge amount of work and I am incredibly grateful to the Headteachers and Governors across the Trust for their leadership and vision and to Clare Sanders, our Chief Operating Officer, Tara Phillis, our HR Manager, and all the Business Managers and finance staff across the schools for their amazing attention to detail.  Very few conversions go through by the planned date and it already says a lot about our new organisation that we hit our first mark so very well.

All this work has been done behind the scenes and I expect that pattern to continue.  The Heads have been meeting almost weekly in our Executive Team for many months and we have been developing the vision and ethos for what our Trust will be.  A lot of that will be about collaborating as a partnership of equal but differing school cultures.  Over the next year you should see new opportunities and developments that would not have happened if the LSP didn’t exist but there will be far more continuity than change.

In coming together as a group of schools I am certain that we have done the right thing at the right time.  I looking forward enormously to all that we will achieve together for our community and young people.

Gary Lewis

Executive Principal


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