High Down Schools Promoting a Plastic Free Environment

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In celebration of David Attenborough’s 93rd birthday and Plastic Free day on 8th May, High Down School children brought in plastic free lunch boxes, Year 4 turned non-recyclable plastic into eco-bricks  and the infant school collected their plastic fruit bags to see how much recyclable plastic waste 10 classes generate in a week!

This environmental spark was ignited at High Down Schools when a year 4 pupil, Lizzy, wrote to the head teacher to ask if a box could be placed in the dinner hall to collect the children’s crisp packets.  Lizzy talked to the whole school in an assembly, wrote a piece in the school’s newsletter and even wrote to the head teachers of other primary schools inviting them to join her crisp packet crusade!

Lizzy inspired the school’s caretaker, Kevin, who went on to build two eco-bots to collect crisp packets from homes and workplaces, and the “green team” are currently collecting in excess of 1,000 packets each week.Plastic-free-July111

Lizzy’s Mum, Roberta, an SMSA at the school, was shocked at the amount of plastic that these two initiatives were generating and has since set up recycling collection points throughout the schools.

Roberta commented, “There is still much to focus on including the recycling of milk carton tetra-packs, composting all fruit waste and collecting plastic fruit bags but there is no doubt that what has happened already has had an impact on the amount of waste the school is generating which in turn is helping to keep waste disposal costs down, help the environment and spread a vital message to the school’s       community about being greener.

“It would be wonderful to think that High Down could become a green model for other schools in the Lighthouse School’s Partnership. Let’s hope that all schools can do more because if many little people, in many little places do many little things, together we can change the face of the earth.


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