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Trust School trials E-bikes to promote sustainable travel

Whitchurch Primary School are trialling four e-bikes to encourage sustainable travel amongst school staff.

In partnership with Bath and North East Somerset Council, who have loaned the bicycles, Whitchurch staff can now borrow an e-bike for travel to and from their homes, as well as making short journeys from the school to necessary meetings. The electronic bikes, which assist the user when pedalling, will be kept as a bank in the school to encourage teachers, support and site staff to travel in ways that are sustainable for the environment and beneficial to staying fit and well.

Carl Hornsby, Headteacher, said: “There are so many advantages to using the electronic bikes; not only do they encourage a healthier lifestyle, and cut down on traffic pollution, but they're also incredible fun to use! Staff have returned to school pleasantly surprised with how much quicker, and easier, their commute was!”

The e- bikes are just a small part of the school’s 'Modeshift Stars' Accreditation that Whitchurch Primary is currently working towards. Students are also being encouraged to travel to school in sustainable ways as part of the project.

Gary Lewis, Chief Executive of the Lighthouse Schools Partnership is delighted that Whitchurch are encouraging sustainable travel: “cycling is just one way people can help the environment. Many schools in the Lighthouse Schools Partnership are developing initiatives to promote sustainability and help the environment. I know that other schools in our Trust are hoping to add e-bikes to their school sites; well done to Whitchurch for pioneering this offer to its staff community.”