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Financial & Core Services

LSP provides some core services directly to its members, some further services are contracted in and on some issues member schools may purchase a service in addition to the core offer. 

The following are paid for from the core services charge (top slice):

  • Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Finance Manager, HR Manager, HR assistant, Payroll and Pensions Administrator, Estates, H&S Compliance Officer
  • Legal and accountancy services
  • Insurance
  • Financial Software & IT Licences
  • Health and Safety
  • Management of capital projects
  • Admissions service
  • Education Welfare
  • Behaviour Support, SEN advice
  • Governance support

The core services charge also funds the provision of a CPD leader, a CPD administration assistant and the employment of an advisory teacher on behaviour and engagement.

  • Capital projects are funded by the Education Funding Agency. As a Trust with more than 3,000 pupils, LSP receives a Capital Funding Allocation.  For 2017/18, this is in excess of £750,000.
  • The Trust is responsible for planning so that buildings are maintained and improved using this income and other formula capital.