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LSP CPD for Trustees and Governors

Lighthouse Learning: Professional Development for those in Governance Roles within the LSP

We are very lucky to have a strong team of experienced and committed volunteers on our Trust Board and Local Governing Bodies. The insight and rigour you provide, supported by our team of Clerks, is essential to the successful running of our Trust.

As well as statutory training we also recognise that Trustees, Governors and Clerks should continue to develop their skills and knowledge so they can better support and challenge the LSP schools they work within. 

Each year we offer networks, webinars and training sessions for Trustees, Governors and Clerks

The Lighthouse Learning: Professional Development for Governance for 2023-24 can be seen below.

Bath and Wells Diocese Church Schools

The Bath and Wells Diocese has a comprehensive programme of CPD on offer for 2024-25 which incorporates training for Chairs, Clerks and Governors of Church Schools including:

  • Foundation Governor Forums
  • Church School Governance for Renewing Governors
  • New Chairs: Leading in a Church school
  • Clerks Network