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Local Governing Bodies & Scheme of Delegation

Scheme of Delegation
Valuing the individuality and ethos of each school

The Lighthouse Schools Partnership exists both to promote the sharing of excellence and capacity and to support each school in maintaining its own identity and ethos.  Every Local Governing Body may issue its own ethos statement and the Board of Trustees, Chief Executive and other bodies within the Trust will be mindful of the importance of each school retaining its own identity.

This Scheme of Delegation is granted by the Board of Trustees and the Trustees will withdraw this delegation or part of it if there is significant concern supported by robust data around the actual or predicted outcomes for pupils, the safety and welfare of pupils or the financial stability of the School.

The Scheme of Delegation can be found here

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the statutory Governing Body for all schools within the Trust but will delegate according to the provisions set out in the Trust Articles and the Scheme of Delegation.  Only the Board of Trustees can take decisions on the delegation of powers, including the establishment of Local Governing Bodies or committees, the approval of terms of reference, the appointment of governors (with the exception of elected parent or staff governors and Diocesan/Foundation representatives on Church School Local Governing Bodies).

Local Governing Bodies

The Board of Trustees will establish a Local Governing Body in each school or Federation, with agreed delegation arrangements. The committee structure of the local governing bodies may include sub-committees. The Local Governing Body must also review the establishment, terms of reference, constitution and membership of any committee or sub-committee annually. Each committee must have a chair, who is either appointed by the Local Governing Body or elected by the committee. Neither the Board of Trustees nor any committee with delegated powers of governance may contain more than one third members who are employed by the Trust.