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Our Vision

A deep partnership between our schools in which our children and young people flourish

Our Values:

  • Belief in the transformational and life-enhancing power of education
  • Service to our community
  • Partnership and professional generosity
  • Honesty and openness

Our Aims:

  • A rich and exciting curriculum where our pupils thrive and develop character
  • Strong and improving outcomes, especially for disadvantaged children and young people
  • Delivering more and better through collaboration
  • Our church and community schools develop and celebrate their own distinctiveness
  • Excellence in professional learning and development
  • Extraordinary opportunities for both pupils and professionals
  • Strong and strategic leadership and governance at all levels
  • Adopt ambitious and effective measures for carbon reduction so that we achieve net zero emissions by 2035
  • High quality and cost-effective central services

Our Culture:

  • Significant delegated authority to each Headteacher and Governing Body
  • Our schools maintain their own character and distinctiveness